The Homey Hippies

naturally dope home goods.

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The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect others positively.
— Bob Marley

The Homey Hippies is a family owned company born in Los Angels and now based in San Angelo, Texas. We have welcomed a holistic and greenlifestyle into our home, in a world where nearly any product can be made with chemicals. To us, it's about taking control over what we put into and onto our bodies, and how we impact the planet.  We want to share it with others who feel the same way or who just might want to give it a try. We aim to bring you stylish home goods and eco-friendly lifestyle accoutrements that incorporate your love for Mother Earth and your enthusiasm for living life free-spiritedly. The Homey Hippies products are the perfect way to indulge both the around the way homie and the natural bohemian in you. Because sometimes you want to keep it real with Pac and sometimes you want to vibe to Hendrix.



The Idea

The Homey Hippies brand was birthed by John and Tai in their Los Angeles apartment. After the birth of their son, they knew they wanted to explore a greener and more natural lifestyle. It wasn’t long before John was tending to a lush and vibrant balcony vegetable garden and Tai was concocting their cleaning supplies and home remedies with essential oils, in their kitchen. Now they want to bring naturally dope home goods to the homies everywhere.

Style & Quality

Our products incorporate an urban edge to natural living. Living a green life doesn't mean sacrificing style. Coming from Los Angeles, we create and source our products with two things in mind: Is this dope? And will it enhance our customers' lives? For us, it's all about creating an intersection that isn't currently in the market, to bring you hand-crafted goods, as well as eco-friendly products that you want to show off in your home and to your friends.

100% Handmade

Now, living in San Angelo, Texas, The Homey Hippies are bringing their hand-made wholesomeness directly to you. The items in our shop are hand crafted using local ingredients that are good for you, have a lot of heart, and a dash of sophistication. We want you to feel good about what you use everyday, knowing it's toxin and chemical free. We stand by what we use in our home, and can't wait for you to share it in yours.